Friday, January 14, 2005

Well that is it for the 2 for 1 menu.

And now for another sushi review.

I have been slacking! We’ve been out 3 more times and I have not written any thing sorry to any one who actually reads this.

  • Edamane – boiled soy beans still in the shell and sprinkled with shaved salt. I did not like this much to start but Jake has helped me come to appreciate them more. As an appetizer 8.
  • Negi hama – this is another of those understated rolls like the utah. Yellow tail tuna and green onion. I can only describe it as having a musky flavor to it 7.
  • Unagi Maki – cooked eel this is my favorite on the VIP 2 for 1 sheet. It has a sweet lightly smokey flavor that I really enjoy 9.
  • Calliforina – the roll for beginners, crab and avocado are the main players here and they blend together well 8.
  • Salmon – good for what it is but I would suggest the playboy or the samuri as you get more toppings and a better flavor 6.
  • Tuna – a lot like the Negi Hama 7.
  • Tempura shrimp – once again good for what it is but I would once again sugest the playboy as it has the salmon and the Tobiko (Flying Fish Caviar) and the shrimp 7.
  • Spicy Rolls on the 2 for 1 – I have found that most of the “spicy rolls” are just to spicy to taste the what is there with the exception of the Spicy Tako. So they all get 5.
  • Spicy Tako – the only spicy roll I like. The different texture and flavor are what I really enjoy 8.

Well that is it for the 2 for 1 menu.

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