Saturday, January 15, 2005

Welcome Back to the Grind

But first, let's reminisce, shall we? How about some photos?

Hmm, ok, who remembers this?

Or if you're one of the brothers Widdison, this should look familiar:

What's that? You don't see Krys here? Oh my, that is a problem. Here you go!

"But Jake," you say, "can't we see the dorky picture of you?...Please?" Yeah, ok.

Gary's cue stick guitar in the background is what makes that one worth posting.

So here I am, the first Saturday of this new semester at the Davis Lab doing...uh, homework. Please don't tell Crystal I posted. She could hurt me.

This semester, I have quite a bit on my plate, including Accounting 2010, Botany 1403 (which isn't really a Botany class), IS&T 2100 (Online, and hard to find time for), and Math 1010, this time with an instructor who knows her head from her ass.

My last math instructor wasn't so sure which was which.

And I'm still working in the Davis Lab, and I'm still doing all sorts of administrative things for WEA, and I'm still a husband and daddy. So my schedule looks like this:

Tuesday - BUSY play Busy
Wednesday - BUSY BUSY BUSY
Friday - BUSY with non-school crap
Sunday - Teach Young Men, Panic that I don't have all my homework done for Monday.

Sound familiar? Thought so.

Last night, Krys (see above for photo) and my sister, Julianne, had their first date. The reaction was very, very interesting. I think they like each other.

We went bowling, and had a good time. I got to wear my new bowling shoes and throw gutter balls, and Crystal got to kick my butt. This seemed to work pretty well for everyone.

Oh darn. I should get back to homework.

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