Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Target's Big No-No

You may or may not know that I'm expecting a baby boy in April. As a pregnant woman, I seek the company and advice of other women. There is not a time in a woman's life when she needs the help of other women more than when she's pregnant. One of the best places I've found is the online community The Nest and it's sister-site The Nest Baby Beta.

One of the reasons I find the site so useful is that the other "nesties" are more than willing to share their experiences with products and retailers. You don't want to piss off a nestie. She will tell all the other nesties and then you'll have a nation-wide boycott on your hands.

Target may not know it yet, but it's getting a LOT of bad press from the nesties due to their very unwise decision to change it's Baby and Wedding Registry return policies. As of August 8th, 2007, Target will NOT accept returns without a receipt or gift receipt, even if it was checked off on the registry list. Not even for in-store credit.

Target, that was a bad idea.

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