Monday, August 20, 2007

SCO Soon to Cross Styx: Buddy, Can You Spare $2?

This last Thursday, Crystal and I packed up our little family and drove to St. George. On both the trip out and the trip back, I pointed out the freeway exit for Lindon, Utah to Crystal, noting that it's the home of SCO Corp. This always spurs interest from her, because she reads most of what I write, and 15 months ago I gave SCO a doozy of a lashing at this very blog.

Of course, being on vacation and behind on my business and technical reading, I didn't know yet that Federal Judge Kimball's declaration that SCO owes basically the whole company and more to Novell had sent SCO's stock into a death spiral, and that the bell has begun to toll for them. (Image courtesy of Ars Technica.)

But then we got home yesterday, and today I got to catching up on my reading, and my, is that birds chirping in blue skies? I suppose Lindon will never quite be the same again, and I think that's a good thing.

My take on the tangled and twisted wreckage is over at EMB. Have a look, won't you?

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