Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thoughts on your new Blog.

First where can you post comments I tried to find the post link. Since I have no way of posting a comment I will put it on fish net.

I like the idea of the book review and I think you and others can get a lot out of it. But one thing bothers me. You highlighted these quotes and even retyped them for the net. But you did not tell us what they mean to you. Why are they revealing to you as an entrepreneur and how do you see them being applied. Bring your readers to your personal level so it will help us connect with you, and help us understand your thoughts. Let us know where you have seen these things happen.

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Jake said...


Thanks for your comment!

The Comments feature over at EMB is fixed now, there's a link at the bottom of every post.

Actually, I do give my feelings about the quotes, just not in the same block of text. I want to keep clear what's my opinion, and what's quoted from the book.

There will probably be times that I'll want to really explore a quote in-depth though, and in those cases I'll give the quote and then I'll write about it in the same area.

I'm thrilled though, that you feel strongly one way or another. Please engage with me over at EMB, and we can discuss this further if you'd like.

Or you can even get your complaint on the record over there. I won't mind a bit!