Thursday, April 13, 2006

Order Of Business: Suspending Confessions Of A Budding Entrepreneur

Phischkneght has become my business, and I conveniently already have a blog by that name. Also, That's where all of my posts seem to go whether they're about business or otherwise.

So there's really no point in maintaining a separate blog for entrepreneurial ideas. They will be posted at Phischkneght from now on, and as usual.

I'm not going to delete Confessions Of A Budding Entrepreneur, and I'm not going to move the posts there over to Phischkneght. I'm going to keep COABE as insurance in case I want to use it later. So officially, it's on indefinite hiatus.

Thank you.

EDIT: Contributors of COABE are still welcome to post there, and if they did so enough, I'd be inclined to follow suit. That door is still open, it's just not currently in use.

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