Thursday, December 22, 2005

My December

My December

Week one a sign that my life is nigh ready to take a turn

The money I have is not enough for the necessities that I yearn.

For it is my wish joy to bring to family and to friends

But my hands are stopped and I can not bring about these ends

Week two a sneeze causes another loss now my car has left

Of escape and freedom now it seems of that I am bereft

Insurance will claim what little had I set aside to give

And joy now seems to be fleeing now like water through a sieve

Week three small joys a need gift for me there did await

It would seem small but great to me was the pleasure of that date

A true friend was there to lift me up in defiance of the fate

That this month against me shows not but malice and hate

Week four I confess the most pain has been drawn and time the only cure

I tore down walls and exposed a heart that I hoped was pure

Again I found that familiar sound I am wanted not as husband or spouse

My hart was crushed and I caught the dust to leave no evidence in the house

Can friends we be after I’ve seen the dreams fall to the floor

I gave the answer yes for that seemed best as we parted at the door

Two tears I’ve cried and I fear the meaning of this thing

For pain is all now I hear form the song they sing

One for the past and the pain that in my mind does ring

One for the future and fear of what it too shall bring

What is left to take against my sake my family my home a friend

With sincerity it is the prayer that I give that here my losses end

Quietly here I think on fate while sitting in my home

Will I live and if I do will I always live alone

May your holidays be better than mine.


1 comment:

Eric said...

I'm sorry to hear about your car. And your dating life. And your money.

I'm afraid that I can't fully commisserate. My holidays have been very good. I hope your new year goes better.